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Performances at Denmark Festival of Voice

I’m very excited to be performing at the Denmark Festival of Voice on 3-5 June 2016… even more excited now that the program has been published and I can see what an amazing lineup I’ll be part of.

I highly recommend anyone to attend this delightful festival in Western Australia’s lush south-west. The Festival’s a gathering of awesome people with a love of song, word, story…. It’s a feast for the ears, the heart, the soul. There’s a whole heap of amazing singers, poets and story-tellers – check the website for details of who’s coming and also for the program!

I’ll be in four performances in the festival: Two in which I perform my own poetry accompanied by the splendiferous instrumentation of Sunset Blundell-Wignall (a blurb for this show is beneath the image below), and two as part of the Tealeaf Troubadours – a four-piece ensemble of storytellers, musicians and poets who create enthralling performances which interweave the different performance arts. The Tealef Troubadours comprise Alex Hey, Jesse the Wind Wanderer, Jaya Penelope, and myself. Details of the shows I’m in follow:

  • Saturday 4th June 10 am @ Storytelling Yurt: Tealeaf Troubadours kids show: ‘Treasure
  • Saturday 4th June 3:30 pm @ Storytelling Yurt: Keren Gila Raiter accompanied by Sunset Wignall: ‘Beneath our feet: poems of earth and body’.
  • Sunday 5th June 1pm @ RSL Hall: Keren Gila Raiter accompanied by Sunset Wignall.
  • Sunday 5th June 2:30pm @ Storytelling Yurt: Tealeaf Troubadours adults show entitled ‘Driftwood Stories’.

Other shows/performers that I’m excited to see include Candy Royale, Jaya Penelope, Donna Jacobs Sife, The Red Sea Pedestrians, the Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir, Lucy Ridsdale, Ajak Kwai, Craig Sinclair, the vocal chant with Pranava Music, and many more.


Step on to Keren Gila Raiter’s flying carpet of woven words and animated theatrics as she takes you on wild poetic adventures over oceans and underground, where atoms explode, organisms evolve, and the everyday is extraordinary. Meet a botanical villain who moves by stealth through roots and veins, a spiralling lover who’s wings must heal and rebalance, and two friends that discover the magic of nature in a war-torn land.

Accompanied by the splendiferous sounds of Sunset Blundell-Wignall whose eclectic instrumentation blows the winds upon which this magic carpet sails. This is playful and powerful performance poetry not to be missed!

Keren & Sunny at Solstive event.jpg


A world of contrast

Back in 2006 I was living in Israel and in the summer I travelled in the north, which is mountainous and full of mystical places for Jews, Muslims, Christians, and others… In the summertime, it’s also full of festivals and music. I went with a friend to a Kleizmer festival up in the town of Tsfat, the birthplace of Jewish mysticism, and afterwards we spent a couple of days hiking down from the mountain, along a river, and to the Sea of Galilee, also called the Lake Kinneret. The day that we hiked along the river valley turned out to be a day I will never forget. That was the day that war broke out between Israel and the Hezbollah in Lebanon…

This poem was published by Hypallage, the Magazine of the Multicultural Writers Association of Australia. This video was filmed at the 2012 Denmark Festival of Voice.

Tealeaf Troubadours at Denmark Festival of Voice

The delightful Denmark Festival of Voice will be on again from Friday 3 June until Sunday 5 June in the lush south-west town of Denmark. This will be the festival’s 12th year of celebrating the human voice, with an inspiring lineup of local, national and international artists in a cappella and accompanied ensemble, group and individual performances. Every year hundreds of people come together to watch, listen, learn, laugh, share their stories and sing their hearts out with choral, comedy, cabaret, poetry, spoken word, storytelling, with sacred, indigenous, world, folk, jazz, gospel, hip hop, and blues music.

We’re excited to announce that after a year’s hiatus, the Tealeaf Troubadours are back in action with not one, but two shows lined up for the festival. The Tealeaf Troubadours are a four-piece ensemble of storytellers, musicians and poets (including me) who create enthralling performances which combine music, storytelling and poetry. Our adults show is called Driftwood Stories and will be performed at the Mongolian Storytelling Yurt on Sunday 5th June at 2:30 pm. We will also be performing a kids’ show, called Treasure, also in the Yurt, at 10am on Saturday 4th June.

Meet us at the forest ocean interface, a liminal space where wizened boughs whisper tales of memory and longing to the sea air, but beware your step as this ancient landscape may conceal harder truths.


An eclectic afternoon of music and poetry

Keren Gila Raiter will be performing in an exciting collaboration with the Chung Wah Chinese Classical Orchestra in May, as part of the Act Belong Commit Canning Music Series.

The Chung Wah Orchestra is part of the oldest ethnic association in Western Australia,founded in 1909. As cultural ambassadors for the Chinese community, they teach and perform classical Chinese music at various community events and special occasions to promote and preserve Chinese culture. The Chung Wah Orchestra is a ‘family’ of three generations playing together; the youngest member is 9 years old and the oldest is about 70 years old.

The event, organised by the City of Canning and proudly supported by Act-Belong-Commit, also featues the South Side Symphony orchestra in collaboration with Martin De Sousa Mealy, Nova Ensemble in collaboration with Kevin Gillam, and the Vocal Evolution in collaboration with Kate Wilson.

What: Concert featuring four orchestras performing with original poetry written and performed by four of Perth’s finest poets

Where: Canning Town Hall, 1317 Albany Highway (corner George Street West), Cannington, Western Australia

When: Sunday 24th May 2015 2-5 pm

This is a free City of Canning Event.

2015 Canning Music Series

Tealeaf Troubadours perform at Busselton Fringe Festival

Back by popular demand!

The Tealeaf Troubadours (Keren Gila Raiter, Alex Hey, Jesse the Wind Wanderer, and Jaya Penelope), previously known at Minstrel Gallery, are back at the Busselton Fringe Festival with two performances of Skywoman’s Basket (abridged version) featuring traditional folktales, original performance poetry and striking live cello. The shows will be perfromed on the New Courtroom stage in the Old Courthouse in the Art-Geo Complex, Queen Street, Busselton.

Show times are 8:15 pm on Friday 13th March, and 9 pm on Saturday 14th March.

Tickets $15, available at the Box Office. This is a show for adults, children under 13 will not be admitted.

Busselton Fringe


Presenting the Tealeaf Troubadours – now on Youtube

For more, see the Tealeaf Troubadours’ website, at

Skywoman’s Basket: two shows courtesy of Fremantle Festival

Following two sold-out performances at the Wild Twig Studios in Fremantle, the Tealeaf Troubadours (a four-piece group of storytellers, a cellist, and a performance poet – me!) will be performing Skywoman’s Basket as part of the 2014 Fremantle Festival.
You are invited!
small flier
Show details are:
What: Skywoman’s Basket, a performance of folk tales accompanied by live cello and poetry, exploring themes of love, wildness and longing. Storytelling at once visceral and lyrical.
When: Thursday 23rd and Sunday 26th October
Where: Black Box Theatre (upstairs in Spare Parts Puppet Theatre), 1 Short Street, Fremantle, Western Australia (opposite train station)
Duration: approx 2 hrs, including an intermission
Tickets: $15, available from or at the door if not sold out.
This is storytelling for adults, unfortunately we don’t recommend it for kids.
Keren Gila Raiter,
on behalf of the Tealeaf Troubadours