about Keren

Keren Gila Raiter is awed by the natural world and the power of our emotions and stories to give us meaning in an otherwise very mysterious existence. An ecologist and philosopher by training, she weaves her heart fibres and soulful moves into poetry that spans continents, cultures, and cups of tea. Keren has deep connections with Australia, Africa, and Israel and writes about organisms and evolution, passions and perspectives, and sometimes even love.

Keren is a dynamic performance poet and storyteller and has enthralled audiences at numerous festivals and venues around Australia and the world.  Her poems have been published by Mulla Mulla PressCreatrix, Hypallage, Tamba, and Jukebox. Keren also performs with the Tealeaf Troubadours and is one of the organising ‘Underlords‘ of the Perth Poetry Club.

 In her day-life, Keren is an ecologist working on reducing the environmental impacts of industrial developments on our incredible natural environment and the diverse living things that call it home. She recently completed a PhD on conservation of the Great Western Woodlands at the University of Western Australia. To learn a little about her research, visit: sustainingecology.com/research.

For those unsure about the pronounciation of her name, it (the English version anyway) goes like this: Keren is like ‘Erin’ with a ‘k’ in front (it is not Karen or Kieran); Gila is like the ‘quila’ in tequila, with a hard ‘g’ sound like in ‘ghee’ or  ‘Gillard’. Raiter is actually pronounced ‘Writer’. It comes from cultures in which there is no ‘a’ sound other than the one at the end of Australia – like in ‘up’.

Any views promoted on this website are Keren’s personal opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of any organisation with which she is affiliated.

Keren Gila Raiter

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